The sculptures of Lotte Elzinga are the result of a seemingly chaotic and organic process. Although chaos and coincidence are key elements in her work, underneath lives a strong desire for order. Everything is carefully thought through. Lotte has an eye for the beauty of everyday materials that have lost their original purpose. To find them she regularly goes out “hunting” in the streets, collecting other people’s discarded materials. She transforms and combines them, creating sculptures that evoke alienation, admiration and wonder. She is mimicking the processes of nature, always evolving from the here and now. Keeping an open mind and increasingly allowing and trusting her intuition. And giving room to coincidence and ‘mistakes’ that open doors to new insights in her work. Her work consists of both sculptures and paintings that are carefully placed in a composition that is harmonious and a bit ‘off’ at the same time, searching for the perfect tension between the art and the exhibition space. Lotte is thriving on the unpredictability of the creative process in which the eternal cycle of creation, sustenance and destruction resonates.